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Whether you are a local grower or a large cultivator, we understand the value of insuring your greatest asset. At Edward J Herrera Insurance, we are dedicated to providing the agricultural coverage and services you need to keep your farm or ranch protected. This helps you focus on maintaining a smooth operation. We also offer the required SB-198 compliance safety training for all your farm employees. Our team provides insurance solutions for farmers near the cities of Taft, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Fresno, and Bakersfield, California.

Why Farm Insurance?

Your farm is your livelihood, and you can never be too cautious. Accidents happen when you least expect them, so it is important to be prepared when problems arise. By being proactive and getting a proper farm policy, your equipment, buildings, and lost income are covered in the event of an unforeseen disruption in your operations.

Agricultural Coverage Options

We know that you work hard as a farmer, which is why we work diligently to keep your farm and all of its contents insured. Our insurance specialists are sensitive to your individual needs and collaborate with you to find a policy that is the best fit for your farm or ranch. Design your policy and choose from a variety of options, which include:

Crop Insurance

Ensure the continued operation of your farm or ranch against financial loss from crop damage and lost revenue due to natural disasters.

Farm Livestock Insurance

Protect your farm from financial loss with livestock insurance, which covers the value and health of your animals.

Farm Equipment Insurance

Alleviate yourself from the financial burden of having to replace expensive farm equipment out of your own pocket.

Farm Structures Insurance

Protect yourself against potential loss to the buildings and property that make up the foundation of your agribusiness.

Farm Auto Insurance

From your personal truck to your animal trailer, keep the vehicles you rely on secure with a proper farm auto policy.

Farm Owner's Insurance

Take care of your farm and home with a comprehensive policy that covers everything from dwelling and personal property to liability.

Equine Insurance

Insure the value of your equine investment against financial loss due to injury, loss of use, infertility, or death.

Farm Dwelling Insurance

Safeguard your farm residence and rental properties against damage expenses with dwelling insurance coverage.

Farm Liability Insurance

Arm yourself against financial loss resulting from claims of property damage or bodily injury to others on your farm or ranch.

Farm Umbrella Insurance

With the right farm umbrella coverage options, your business wouldn't have to miss a beat.